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(0028,0002) Samples per Pixel1Unsigned Short
(0028,0004) Photometric Interpretation1Code String
(0028,0100) Bits Allocated1Unsigned Short
(0028,0101) Bits Stored1Unsigned Short
(0028,0102) High Bit1Unsigned Short
(0028,0006) Planar Configuration1CUnsigned Short
(0028,0103) Pixel Representation1Unsigned Short
(0028,0009) Frame Increment Pointer1CAttribute Tag
(0008,0008) Image Type2Code String
(0028,2110) Lossy Image Compression1CCode String
(0008,2124) Number of Stages2CInteger String
(0008,212A) Number of Views in Stage2CInteger String
(0018,6060) R Wave Time Vector3Single
(0028,0014) Ultrasound Color Data Present3Unsigned Short
(0008,2120) Stage Name3Short String
(0040,000A) Stage Code Sequence3Sequence
(0008,2122) Stage Number3Integer String
(0008,2127) View Name3Short String
(0008,2128) View Number3Integer String
(0008,2129) Number of Event Timers3Integer String
(0008,2130) Event Elapsed Time(s)3Decimal String
(0008,2132) Event Timer Name(s)3Long String
(0008,2218) Anatomic Region Sequence3Sequence
(0008,2228) Primary Anatomic Structure Sequence3Sequence
(0054,0220) View Code Sequence3Sequence
(0054,0500) Slice Progression Direction3Code String
(0008,002A) Acquisition DateTime1CDate Time
(0018,1060) Trigger Time3Decimal String
(0018,1062) Nominal Interval3Integer String
(0018,1080) Beat Rejection Flag3Code String
(0018,1081) Low R-R Value3Integer String
(0018,1082) High R-R Value3Integer String
(0018,1088) Heart Rate3Integer String
(0018,3100) IVUS Acquisition1CCode String
(0018,3101) IVUS Pullback Rate1CDecimal String
(0018,3102) IVUS Gated Rate1CDecimal String
(0018,3103) IVUS Pullback Start Frame Number1CInteger String
(0018,3104) IVUS Pullback Stop Frame Number1CInteger String
(0018,3105) Lesion Number3Integer String
(0018,5000) Output Power3Short String
(0018,5010) Transducer Data3Long String
(0018,6031) Transducer Type3Code String
(0018,5012) Focus Depth3Decimal String
(0018,5020) Processing Function3Long String
(0018,5022) Mechanical Index3Decimal String
(0018,5024) Bone Thermal Index3Decimal String
(0018,5026) Cranial Thermal Index3Decimal String
(0018,5027) Soft Tissue Thermal Index3Decimal String
(0018,5028) Soft Tissue-focus Thermal Index3Decimal String
(0018,5029) Soft Tissue-surface Thermal Index3Decimal String
(0018,5050) Depth of Scan Field3Integer String
(60xx,0045) Overlay Subtype3Long String
Overlay PlaneUModule - Image
VOI LUTUModule - Image
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VL Slide-Coordinates Microscopic ImageCIOD
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Data synced with official DICOM standard on 27 November 2018. The DICOM Standard is under continuous maintenance, and the current official version is available at DICOM Parts 3 and 6, © NEMA. Please note that the most recent PDF version of the standard is the official reference, and should checked when making technical decisions.

Lossy Image Compression Attribute

TypeConditionally Required (1C)
Value Multiplicity1
Value RepresentationCode String (CS)

Specifies whether an Image has undergone lossy compression (at a point in its lifetime).

Enumerated Values:


Image has NOT been subjected to lossy compression.


Image has been subjected to lossy compression.

Once this value has been set to 01 it shall not be reset.

See Section C.

Required if Lossy Compression has been performed on the Image. May be present otherwise.

Section C.

C. Lossy Image Compression

The Attribute Lossy Image Compression (0028,2110) conveys that the Image has undergone lossy compression. It provides a means to record that the Image has been compressed (at a point in its lifetime) with a lossy algorithm and changes have been introduced into the pixel data. Once the value has been set to "01", it shall not be reset.


If an image is compressed with a lossy algorithm, the Attribute Lossy Image Compression (0028,2110) is set to "01". Subsequently, if the image is decompressed and transferred in uncompressed format, this Attribute value remains "01".

The value of Lossy Image Compression (0028,2110) in SOP Instances containing multiple frames in which one or more of the frames have undergone lossy compression shall be "01".


It is recommended that the applicable frames be noted in the Attribute Derivation Description (0008,2111).

If an image is originally obtained as a lossy compressed image from the sensor, then Lossy Image Compression (0028,2110) is set to "01" and Value 1 of the Attribute Image Type (0008,0008) shall be set to ORIGINAL.

If an image is a compressed version of another image, Lossy Image Compression (0028,2110) is set to "01", Value 1 of the Attribute Image Type (0008,0008) shall be set to DERIVED, and if the predecessor was a DICOM image, then the Image shall receive a new SOP Instance UID.


  1. It is recommended that the approximate compression ratio be provided in the Attribute Derivation Description (0008,2111). Furthermore, it is recommended that Derivation Description (0008,2111) be used to indicate when pixel data changes might affect professional interpretation (see Section C.

  2. The Attribute Lossy Image Compression (0028,2110) is defined as Type 3 for backward compatibility with existing IODs. It is expected to be required (i.e., defined as Type 1C) for new Image IODs and for existing IODs that undergo a major revision (e.g., a new IOD is specified).

C. Lossy Image Compression Method

Lossy Image Compression Method (0028,2114) may be multi-valued if successive lossy compression steps have been applied; the value order shall correspond to the values of Lossy Image Compression Ratio (0028,2112), if present.

Defined Terms for Lossy Image Compression Method (0028,2114):


JPEG Lossy Compression [ISO/IEC 10918-1]


JPEG-LS Near-lossless Compression [ISO/IEC 14495-1]


JPEG 2000 Irreversible Compression [ISO/IEC 15444-1]


MPEG2 Compression [ISO/IEC 13818-2]


MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Compression [ISO/IEC 14496-10]


HEVC/H.265 Lossy Compression [ISO/IEC 23008-2]

C. Lossy Image Compression Ratio

The value of the "compression ratio" is encoded as a numeric value that represents the numerator of an implicit ratio in which the denominator is always one, consistent with the traditional representation in the literature.


For example, a compression ratio of 30:1 would be described with a value of 30.

The value may be an estimate (e.g., the nominal value that is supplied to the compressor), or it may be a measured value (e.g., computed by dividing the uncompressed pixel data size by the size of the compressed bit stream).

Lossy Image Compression Ratio (0028,2112) may be multi-valued if successive lossy compression steps have been applied; if so, the value order shall correspond to the multiple values of Lossy Image Compression Method (0028,2114), if present.


For historical reasons, the lossy compression ratio should also be described in Derivation Description (0008,2111).